Possible storm to impact #China; watching #Hawaii;#Atlantic fish storm

Suddenly stuff to talk about, sort of. The only official storm that is of interest/threat to land is Hurricane Calvin, and even that is stretching things. Here’s what Calvin looks like in an infrared composite this morning just before 6am …

… looking for a tiger in there somewhere …

Calvin is on a line for the islands of Hawai’i. However, conditions along the path are not favorable, and it is expected to decay to a tropical depression by the time it will have any impact there. Worth watching, but at this point not a significant threat. Here’s the forecast impact swath:

There is an invest area that might be a problem early next week for China. WP95 could rapidly intensify in the South China Sea and make landfall near or south of Hong Kong. Anything in this area is a concern as it disrupts supply chains. Here is the impact swath based on the GFS model (invest areas do not generally have official forecasts):

11am Update: WP95 is now Tropical Depression Four (WP04). Official forecast does not intensify as fast as GFS is showing; more in the morning US East Coast Time, after it has moved fully offshore from the Philippines.

Fnally, subtropical storm Don is “churning” in the Atlantic. In past years it probably wouldn’t have been tracked or named, but that’s a longer rant. No threat to anybody, it’s probably at peak strength, and should decay and what organization it has should fall apart in the next day or two.

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