Enki Research is the Research and Development (and by far largest) component of Enki Holdings, LLC. Enki Research works for a variety of clients including governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations and non-profits, as well as doing sponsored research for commercial clients.

The company that eventually became Enki was founded in 1989. In the early 2000’s Kinetic Analysis Corporation (KAC) was spun up and spun off to provide commercial services featuring software created by Enki, especially the TAOS(tm) series of geophysical hazard models. Enki continues to have a close relationship with KAC, and is active in assisting KAC with projects around the world, as well as develop new techniques and technologies for natural hazards risk assessment.

In 2013, Enki Holdings LLC was formed to consolidate activities and capital ownership under one corporate umbrella. Enki Research continues to conduct advanced R&D, while Enki Operations provides operational support for the few remaining commercial activities undertaken by the company.