Mid July Tropical Update

As of this morning (July 11) the tropics are currently rather quiet. There are no suspect areas in the West Pacific being tracked by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is watching an area in the East Pacific (West of Mexico) that should develop into a hurricane in the next few days as it moves away from land, but it shouldn’t bother anyone but fish and fish related interests. In the Atlantic, there is a system NHC gives a 50% chance of becoming a tropical system of some kind, but it isn’t near land, and will likely not become a hurricane as it wanders in the general direction of the Azores. Here’s the overview with NESDIS formation probabilities and model track forecasts for the two invest areas (no official forecasts yet).

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  1. I always check your updates as they are the most reliable and realistic. Thank you

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