Tropical Update; Hurricane brushing #Mexico

While the Atlantic, West Pacific, and Indian Oceans are quiet, there are two storms off the coast of Mexico this morning. Hurricane Adrian is headed away from land, but Beatriz is just off the coast from Manzanillo (States of Colima/Jalisco and Michoacan impacted by the storm), paralleling the coast and decaying from being a hurricane just a few hours ago:

Beatriz probably won’t make it to Baha, but worth keeping an eye on. Estimated impacts are on the order of $50 Million USD. There have been port closures and other disruptions, but as with many storms of this kind the big risk is flash flooding.

Lately the major risks have been geopolitical … the unrest in France, and the risk of a major escalation in Ukraine over the next two weeks are probably the big things to watch for.

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