Iceland: hazard zones and winter storms

As if waiting for a volcano to erupt wasn’t enough, a winter storm is approaching Iceland today, so if you’re checking in on the web cameras watching Grindavik (link – some spectacular views as of 7:45am ET, with the sun shining through the clouds), the shaking isn’t earthquakes, it’s the wind. Unfortunately, the vibration from the wind interferes with the seismometers and gas sensors and makes detailed monitoring of the flow of magma more difficult.

The authorities released an updated hazard map with three zones …

click to embiggen.

For those of you who didn’t study Icelandic (link to classic Ghostbusters line),

  • In danger zone A (Yellowish) there is a danger due to earthquakes.
  • In danger zone B (Red) there is additional risk from volcanic eruptions (including fissure opening without warning, eruption opening at short notice, lava flow and hazardous gas contamination).
  • In danger zone C (Purple), there is the highest risk of an volcanic eruptions and an increased probability of dangerous gas contamination. Escape routes must be taken care of and gas meters and gas masks must be carried if entering the area.

So the wait continues. Here’s a few more camera links:

Elsewhere, NHC has a couple of disturbances tagged, neither much of a realistic threat. Some systems crossing the US may disrupt pre-Thanksgiving trave (link to NWS/WPC)l.

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