PTC 22 no longer potential; still watching Iceland

As the sun rises over the Atlantic …

the National Hurricane Center discontinued advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone 22 last night. It never really had much potential, but I can see why they went ahead with advisories just in case. The broad system is still raining and bringing gusty winds (some of tropical storm force) across Jamaica, Hispaniola, and the Turks and Caicos today and tomorrow before heading out to sea. Elsewhere not that much going on as the Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season winds down and fall/winter weather patterns start to take hold.

We are still expecting an eruption in Iceland in the next few days, probably near Hagafell. That is a terrible spot for Grindavik, since if it is a significant eruption, the lava would flow over Grindavik trying to go downhill to the sea.

Author: Ragnar Heiðar Þrastarson Creator: QGIS 3.22.8-Białowieża
Modified by Enki Research to add English label for likely eruption site.

It’s possible that the flow will stop and the magma congeal with no surface outbreak, that potential seems a bit higher now than a couple days ago, but still too early to say, and again hope isn’t a plan when it comes to these things.

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