Doksuri to hit China Friday 28 July, Atlantic still boring

Typhoon Doksuri took a jog to the south yesterday and passed just off the north shore of the Philippines, with at least six deaths and damage to the northern areas of Luzon. Almost eight million people were exposed to tropical storm force winds or higher, and there has been extensive flooding. Economic impacts are estimated at just under $500 million USD.

This morning (Thursday 27 July, evening in the West Pacific) Doksuri is passing south of Taiwan, on the way to landfall near Zhangzhou, and damage is expected across a wide swath of Fujian province …

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Estimated economic impacts are expected to be around $9 Billion USD, with over 47 million people exposed to tropical storm conditions or greater.

There is another storm forming in the West Pacific, tropical depression six, that is expected to rapidly intensify and track towards Okinawa and the Chinese mainland. More on that tomorrow.

In the Atlantic, there are no invest areas as of 8am, although there is a strong tropical wave that NHC has tagged at a 40% chance of becoming something early next week. Likewise, there is a disturbance off the west coast of Mexico (east Pacific) that has some potential (30%), but as of yet is not being tracked as a invest area.

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