Storms this weekend (19 Oct 2023)

We now have three active storms but only two are of serious concern. In the Atlantic, tropical storm Tammy formed out of the invest area approaching the Caribbean and is forecast to make landfall this weekend. Here are links to NHC’s Key Messages regarding Tropical Storm Tammy (en Español: Mensajes Claves). Tammy should head out to sea after causing some light to moderate (but hopefully not extensive) impacts to the islands. The other storm is forecast to hit the southern tip of Baja California late this weekend: Key Messages regarding Hurricane Norma. As is typical the main threat aside from right on the coast will be flash flooding in mountainous areas from Jalisco north as well as on the Baja peninsula itself. Here is the big picture from my TAOS/TC impact model:

In the West Pacific, a weak tropical storm (Sanba) is in the Gulf of Tonkien. It’s mostly a rain problem, probably cause a few scattered power outages and other disruptions. Impacts today are mostly in Guangxi China and Hainan, but will spread in to Vietnam the next couple of days. Here’s what the US Embassy/Vietnam has to say (link).

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