Atlantic storms Sunday 24 Sept 2023

Ophelia is raining out over the Washington DC area, Philippe is slowly organizing in the east Atlantic far from land (and likely to stay that way). No longer any official “key messages” for Ophelia (the remains are being watched by the NWS Weather Prediction Center, and Philippe is too far away for anyone to care, so here’s my TAOS/TC impact swath map for both storms:

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Ophelia made landfall yesterday in North Carolina and is no longer tropical. The remnants are dumping rain over the mid Atlantic states, causing some flooding and contributing to the morass that is our Nation’s Capital. Damage appears light so far, most of the reports in North Carolina are for flooding, a few power outages and trees down. Here are the local storm reports as of this morning:

There is a depression in the Central Pacific, but it should stay well south of the Hawaiian Islands. There is a system off the coast of Vietnam that may become a depression before landfall. So if you’re in the mid Atlantic or Northeast, be happy with one of my favorite songs from a fantastic group and singer that captures the angst of the 90’s …

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  1. Love the video, the music and the words … the rhythm 🎵 is beautiful … thank you, Mr. Chuck!

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