Lee update, Margot and the Invests

Lee has dropped to a mid Category Two storm, may see some intensity fluctuations, but the important “big picture” track forecast remains about the same. Here’s the obligatory link to NHC’s Key Messages regarding Hurricane Lee (en Español: Mensajes Claves) and my updated TAOS/TC map for Sunday 10 September:

click to embiggen.

Impact estimates haven’t changed: for the northern Caribbean (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island, The Bahamas) and the US Southeast, just waves, which will produce rip currents. Rip currents are scary but don’t have to be dangerous if you keep calm (take a look at the NOAA “RipCurrent Safety ToolKit“).

It does look like Bermuda will need to take precautions later in the week. in 7 days or so maybe Nova Scotia/Vinland (aka Newfoundland) as a transitioning or post-tropical system, but that’s way too far off to speculate.

Farther east over the open Atlantic we have Margot and the Invests. The only reason I mention them is that would make a great name for a “Motown Era” cover band. No threats to land as of now (and not likely to be).


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