Tropical Updates

TLDR: Typhoon Lan is causing damage to Japan today, three fish storms in the central Pacific, two disturbances in the Atlantic that shouldn’t be a problem any time soon if ever.

Typhoon Lan (WP072023) made landfall in south-central Japan this morning as a strong category 1 hurricane (150 kph, 80 knots), dumping some rain and causing some injuries, and light wind damage. However, southern Japan has been hit with a lot of rain recently, including from Typhoon Khanun a few weeks ago and non-typhoon rains that caused mudslides, killing at least six people, so flood damage from Lan is worse than it would be otherwise. The storm is already off the west coast of Japan and should parallel the islands as it heads north towards Sakhalin Island …

Click to embiggen.

In the Central Pacific, three storms but none impacting land other that waves, although flow associated with Greg and Fernanda might cause problems if fires crop up in Hawai,i again.

The Atlantic is still pretty boring. Yes, NHC has two yellow blobs, but one is at 10%, the other 30%, and neither system has a tracking ID yet so it is threat condition “Meh” for now.


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