Tammy a bigger threat to islands

Tropical Storm Tammy (AL202023) is strengthening a bit faster than forecast, and is now predicted to be a hurricane as it passes over the Lesser Antillies this weekend. Here are NHC’s Key Messages regarding Tropical Storm Tammy (en Español: Mensajes Claves), and the TAOS/TC impact swath:

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Tammy should be reaching hurricane strength as it passes over Antigua and Barbuda, with near-hurricane conditions on Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Kitts and Nevis, and Anguilla. Saint Martin/Sint Maartin and Saba now have tropical storm warnings as well, so everyone in the swath should be rapidly finishing their preparations for impacts. After that, Tammy looks to continue to intensify but curl away from land, and should not be a threat to anyone else.

There are other storms today – Hurricane Norma briefly reached major hurricane status, but is weakening as it moves north off the coast of Mexico. The current forecast is for it to brush the southern tip of Baja before landfall on the coast of Sinaloa, north of Mazatlan …

There is a weak tropical system meandering in the Gulf of Tonkien, mostly a rain event for China and Vietnam. Of potential interests next week is a system that might develop in the Arabian Sea and potentially hit Oman as well as disrupt energy shipping leaving the Persian Gulf. More on that if/when it develops.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your work. We’ve been lucky this year, in SE Georgia. Some time ago, my husband asked, how is it you’re no longer as anxious during hurricane season? I told him about your emails and your analysis. (Had shared your posts with him too.) Thank you for your interest and your expertise.
    Thank you also for your service to our country which we’ve recently learned about. Have a wonderful weekend! Carpe diem!!

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