Annual Eclipse from Savannah

I had intended to post more in advance of today’s annular eclipse, which was a partial in Savannah, but was out sick for most of the week. NASA had sites set up within the path and live-streamed it and the views were spectacular …

From space you can see the moon’s shadow on the earth, as this view from GOES 16 shows as darkness falls over ‘Murica (upper left corner) …

click to embiggen.

Savannah had the usual view it always gets for spectacular phenomena in the sky:

Digitally enhanced to show cloud details :P.

The next total solar eclipse in in April of next year, and will be visible across a wide swath of the Midwest and Texas. It will be a partial here, but that probably won’t matter for Savannah. More on that (the eclipse, not Savannah’s stupid weather) as it gets closer. OK, will probably have to talk about Savannah’s weather at some point as well.

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