Two storms to hit Mexico

In all the news yesterday of wars, earthquakes, and typhoons this major news was left out – the East Pacific, and two storms headed to Mexico. Tropical Storm Max (EP16) is a middle grade tropical storm making landfall north of Acapulco today (Monday 9 October 2023). The biggest risk is of flash flooding in northern Guerrero. Of more concern is Hurricane Lidia (EP15), due to hit north of Puerto Vallarta tomorrow as a Category Two hurricane. It won’t take much of a jog south to involve that major city – and some of the guidance, such as the new HFSA and HFSB models, as well as the European Model, do just that. In addition to direct impacts, flash flooding is a major risk across the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. Here’s the TAOS/TC swath map:

NHC’s official word on each storm are at these links (English only):

The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (Mexican National Weather Service) forecasts are at this link (en Español).

Yes, there are blobs on NHC’s Atlantic map. The one in the Gulf of Mexico has very little chance of being anything, the one in the east Atlantic still looks to be of pelagic interest.

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