New tropical depression in East Atlantic

Tropical Depression 14 has formed in the far East Atlantic out of invest area AL96. It will likely become Tropical Storm (and later Hurricane) Margot in the next five days. No Key Messages – too far/weak to bother anyone. The updated Hurricane Lee forecast is just an extension of the one from this morning – no change from my perspective (link to 5am review), other than to note the intensification does seem to be progressing. Here’s the link to the Key Messages regarding Hurricane Lee (en Español: Mensajes Claves), and a composite impact swath map for both storms is below.

click any image to embiggen.

In the Pacific, tropical storm Yun-Yeung, which was supposed to stay offshore from Japan, is now forecast to make landfall on the main island. Should be just a rain event, but there is always the risk of flash floods with this sort of thing. No time for fancy graphic, here’s the quick look output of the TAOS/TC automated system …

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