Quick tropical update, 3 Sept 2023

TLDR: another storm hits China, Atlantic traffic jam lessens but no threats to land.

There is yet another landfall in China, Typhoon Haikui is making landfall as a major storm on Taiwan this morning. Afterwards it should continue to decay and likely only be a tropical storm or minimal typhoon at landfall on the mainland …

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Still assessing the damage from Saola – it seems the Joint Typhoon Warning Center intensity estimates were way out of line with the reported damages, so still trying to sort out which is more wrong (likely both). Best guess at this point is $25 to $30 Billion USD.

In the Atlantic, still have two active “tropical” systems, Gert and Katia, but neither are a threat to land (or very tropical for that matter, in the process of being absorbed in other non-tropical systems that are the remnants of Franklin and Idalia). Some people are excited by invest area AL95 in the far eastern Atlantic, since NHC’s cone of doom heads west in an ominous manner …

Click to see NHC outlook.

The modeling is somewhat mixed at this point – at one point GFS was showing a beeline for the Leeward Islands, this morning more of a squashed spider. ECM still shows that, as does the Canadian model; here are the tracks for what they are worth at this stage:

Bottom line is something might form, and might head west, and may or may not be a threat to land. Hitting refresh won’t make things evolve any faster, check back in a couple of days 😛 …

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