Atlantic Traffic Jam

NHC is issuing advisories on five tropical systems in the Atlantic today (Friday 1 Sept 2023). Fortunately only one, the remnants of Hurricane Idalia, are of interest to anyone other than fish and fish related activities. Here’s the big confusing but non-threatening (if you aren’t in Bermuda) picture …

Idalia is headed towards Bermuda, which is under tropical storm warnings. Idalia really isn’t tropical at this point, but is producing tropical storm force winds and dangerous surf, thus the warnings. Here is a like to NHC’s Key Messages regarding Post-Tropical Cyclone Idalia. Franklin passed by two days ago, canceling flights and causing other light impacts, and while it still has hurricane force winds, it is becoming a post-tropical/extratropical system as well as it heads into the North Atlantic “graveyard of hurricanes.”

Elsewhere, NHC just started advisories on Tropical Depression Twelve. It is in the far eastern Atlantic, not a threat to land and is not expected to last much past this weekend.

Tropical Depression Gert is likely to briefly become a tropical storm before encountering the remnants of idalia and merging into an amorphous, non-tropical mess. And Tropical Storm Jose is following Franklin and it will likely merge with Franklin into another sprawling non-tropical system in the North Atlantic.

So while there are a lot of advisories and tracks, nothing other than minor impacts expected for Bermuda from the Idalia.

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