Synchronization problems

The basic process I follow in the mornings is starting about 5am scoop litter boxes(yuck) and refresh water and food bowls, get coffee (who wants to be awake scooping litter boxes???), then look at the overnight model runs. That generally takes about an hour, then I try to write something coherent for the blog. In a landfalling situation that’s usually rushed and the first draft always has typos and bugs in it. In theory those are edited out later, but sometimes it seems that when things get pushed out to social media, they bots are grabbing drafts at various phases. Since I know folks are waiting to receive the latest wisdom from on high (eyeroll), in landfalls I hit “send” and don’t always check to see if everything is synched up. Also, to make things worser, NHC is in a rush, so if they do something like mistype a date it often ends up in my brain and I echo it. So you get stuff like this morning where there are a lot of typos (I have no idea what was going on with the dates) and are just a real mess. Hopefully cleared up now but if you saw any of the six or seven versions on FB and TwXtter, that’s what was going on …


  1. Thanks for your thought out weather forecasts and other comments. We are your fans.
    juergen and madeleine thiessen

  2. We are not expecting perfection, just solid fact based info. Please don’t beat yourself up over typos, especially after scooping cat litter.

  3. It’s OK. In a ‘live’ scenario, your blog takes precedence over coffee, so I probably don’t notice any typo.

  4. I appreciate what you do for us!
    Nobody is perfect, typos and misspelling never bothered me.
    I do my share!

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