Quick take: Idalia collapsing?

Don’t get excited just yet and definitely don’t stop preparing, but there are some signs Idalia won’t maintain its integrity as it moves through Georgia (which, given our politicians, isn’t’ surprising šŸ˜› ). Here’s the latest radar from Valdosta … the right hand side of the storm has already collapsed:

click to embiggen

… that means it will likely decay quickly. Still in for a rainy, gusty day here on the coast, keep alert for tornado warnings, (just had one south of Savannah, near Richmond Hill) but maybe this won’t be so bad. Again, prepare for bad and remember, it is impossible for an optimist to be pleasantly surprised!


  1. I was looking on Ventusky at wind speeds at different elevations. Below 100 meters this storm never got close to Cat3 or even 2. The higher winds were at 1000 meters and above. As you stated it quickly broke down. It really never even formed a strong eye.

    1. Yeah, I think NHC overestimated the RI. I understand why they did it (their job is not science, it is watch and warning), and there was some risk of it mixing down on landfall. so I get it. I’ve resisted publicly contradicting them because if I were in their place I’d do the same since you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that guess, but you run the risk of overwarning.

  2. Thanks for all you do for us! Always amazing and trustworthy info. Much appreciated!

  3. Thanks from Savannah! Once again this is a health inspector from Savannah, GA. Being part of that ā€œessential workforceā€ is always a challenge. Especially being saturated with all the different forecasts and models. I love your no-nonsense forecasts/updates your page provides. Just the facts and information I need (and want) to know. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work and efforts.

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