Idalia falling apart

Idalia is just Northwest of Savannah Georgia, although it is a struggle to find a center at this point. NHC says winds are 70 mph but in their own word that is “generous”. Here it was never more than half of that. Georgia still has a couple hours of wind gusts, but the worst is passing into South Carolina as of 5pm. Still getting tornado warning or two inland. So as soon as power comes back can start cleanup!


  1. Thank you Chuck!! I really appreciate your keeping us ACCURATELY informed.
    Kim Traub Ribbens

  2. One more thing : how do I make a contribution to support your efforts ?!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated with useful information.
    Juergen Thiessen

  4. Long term follower contributor. Keep up the good work Such a breath of fresh air ( pun intended) I refer everyone who wants to know about storms etc to you. So glad you are still around. Many thanks !!

  5. It’s pretty windy on Tybee. It cracked in half and then completely took down a neighbor’s tree which took down our power line. The temp dropped which is a nice break.

  6. We are along the Savannah river. Thoughts on the surge at high tide tonight @8:30-9pm?

  7. On Skidaway Island it sure seamed more than 35 mph for a few hours around 4 PM today. 😊

  8. Appreciate the good, no BS analysis. We live on the sound/creek south end of Skidaway…max gust this afternoon was 52. Still blowing 20-30 out of sw.

  9. Thanks!

    I used to contribute via, I think Patreonj, but now it appears only via WordPress. Is there anotxher way via blind fund such as PayPal?

  10. Sure do appreciate your reports. I have family in Savannah and because of you and personal treats, I feel fully informed.

  11. Thanks Chuck – you put together the important details of storm data in a professional way – you may just be the STORM GOAT ! Please don’t retire !

  12. It was so odd. I went out to the marsh and expected a massive tide at 9:02 last nite. It was dark so had to use flashlight and tide had disappeared?? Reverse “flow”???

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