Typhoon Mawar hits Guam

Typhoon Mawar passed just north of Guam this morning east coast time, with the eye wall passing over the US Bases at the north end of the island inflicting winds in the 125mph range. The NWS Radar is not working, power is out, and there are reports of some flooding. At least it was weaker than forecast yesterday, and of course the bases will be well prepared. Nevertheless, extensive impacts are expected, especially at Anderson Air Force Base.

TAOS/TC Impact estimate; click any image to embiggen.
Here’s the full disk infrared from Himwari 9 (IR since it’s dark now over Guam), Mawar visible in the center.

Economic impacts will likely be in the $1 to $2 Billion range, and $3 Billion wouldn’t be a shock. Super Typhoon Pongsona caused $730 million in 2002 with 144mph winds; inflation adjusted that would be around $1.25 Billion. Some of the southern Mariana Islands were in the path as well, the island of Rota with some 2000 people was likely hit hard.

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